A gentle touch bodywork, Bowenwork provides a powerful kickstart to the body’s healing mechanisms, helping clients to address a wide range of concerns - from recent injuries to chronic pain - from systemic conditions such as asthma to structural misalignments. It can also be used to help with stress, anxiety, depression or grief.

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the bowen team

The Bowen Team at Riverbend Wellness Center currently has two practitioners offering individual sessions, community clinics and bespoke group services. We offer a range of session types and packages to accommodate our clients’ needs as appropriate. The beauty of Bowenwork is that many issues can be addressed with only a few sessions.


Juliet Altham

Juliet trained as a Bowen practitioner after experiencing its dramatic healing potential first-hand in her native England. Certified with the American Bowen Academy, Juliet is an evangelist for this subtle but powerful holistic modality, enjoying helping her clients, friends and family - whether in the Bowen studio or at the side of the soccer field.

contact juliet

T 207 254 9136




Cheryl Brown

After retiring from 30 years as an elementary school teacher in New Hampshire, Cheryl relocated to establish her Bowen practice in Maine. Cheryl is an accredited Bowen practitioner whose passion for healthy living and supporting others in their own wellness journey led her to her studies in this modality

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T 603 491 9744



what can Bowenwork help me with?

The simple answer is - practically anything! The work is holistic in that it works on all levels: structural, chemical, systemic and even psychological/emotional. Bowenwork practitioners like to say that the work “goes where it is needed.” Very often clients notice improvements to concerns they hadn’t prioritized or disclosed. While the work directly affects the superficial fascia, it also connects to deep fascia, stimulates nerve proprioceptors, increases the flow of energy through the meridians - and perhaps most importantly, triggers the autonomic nervous system to switch from “fight - flight” to “rest - restore” mode. These are our bodies’ miraculous innate healing mechanisms - Bowenwork is just the trigger for your own healing potential.

  • Neck or back pain

  • Joint pain & mobility issues

  • Sciatica

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Jaw problems

  • Migraine or headaches

  • Injuries

  • Digestive issues

  • Asthma

  • Head trauma & concussion

  • Foot & ankle problems

  • Anxiety, depression, grief

  • Emotional balance

sessions & pricing

During a Bowenwork session the client usually lies comfortably on a massage table, but can also be accommodated in a seated position, for example in a wheelchair. Sessions may vary in length according to the clients needs on a particular day and are typically calm and deeply relaxing. The work can be performed over a light layer of clothing.

individual $85

Includes consultation, Bowenwork to address specific issues and sufficient time for deep relaxation to take effect. Session lasts approximately 1 hour

joint session $140

Session allowing 2 people to receive Bowenwork concurrently. Session usually lasts over 1 hour

fly-by session $45

Can’t find the time for a full session? Targeted Bowenwork in under 30 minutes can make a difference. Particularly suitable for addressing injuries

child $50

Children’s sessions tend to be shorter in length, but will be adjusted according to need. Children of all ages love Bowenwork!


For all of the sessions above we offer a discount on a package of 3 sessions booked in advance - or 5 sessions for the price 4 booked in advance. We will discuss with each client which package might be optimal for their situation; there is no pressure - our priority is to help you heal.

baby bowen

Bowenwork is so gentle that it is suitable and effective for newborns - especially for help with colic and digestive issues. Babies come for free!